What To Know When Selling Your Car

There are so many things that you will need to get done when you’re planning on selling your old vehicle. From taking your car to inspections, to getting it cleaned, you’ll have your plate full.

What are the things you should keep an eye out for when selling your car?


It’s unfortunate that some people in this world take advantage of others the way they do. Though not everyone is a criminal, it can’t hurt to be cautious. When you’ve found a potential buyer who’s willing and ready to pay, and he hands you a bank cheque or cashier’s cheque, be very careful. Cash is always better than a cheque. But if you do happen to be handed one, politely request that he allow the car to stay in your position until the cheque clears. If he’s not willing to do this and seems frustrated and unwilling to think of a way to make you feel more secure about the transaction, it may be best to refuse the offer altogether. It’s better to be safe than sorry and in the end, if the check was fake, you would have lost your car with nothing to show for it.


The best place to have someone view your car is at your home. However, the situation may arise where a potential buyer suggest that you meet him or her at another location. You will need to be very careful and cautious in situations like these. Avoid meeting late at night, in locations that you’re unfamiliar with, as well as locations that people don’t frequent very often. Bring a friend with you if you do decide to meet a potential buyer somewhere.

Bargainers and tough negotiators

Buyers want lower prices and sellers want higher prices. You should always have two prices, your asking price, which should be left open to negotiations and your bottom price which you absolutely will not go below. Everything in between should be acceptable. Tough negotiators may try to get you to sell them your car for pretty much nothing, hold your ground. Remember that there may be other potential buyers, and it’s better to see if you can indeed attract more people to your vehicle than regretting selling it for much less than it was worth.

Don’t sell a car that has your personal property in it. It’s interesting how many people forget a pair of earrings or a toolbox in their vehicle, only to realize this once they’ve already handed it over to the new owners. It’s important to go through your car thoroughly to ensure that you have removed each and every item that does not need to be transferred to the new buyer. One of the most common personal items that are forgotten when selling a car is the license plate. Be sure to remove this before handing over the vehicle. If the buyer is afraid that he will be committing a crime by driving it without a plate, ensure him that as long as there is a bill of sale, there is no problem with doing so.

Once sold, your car isn’t yours anymore. This means that you’ll also need to transfer the title. This is important for both you and the buyer. The buyer will now legally own the vehicle and you will be no longer liable for it.

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