Flood Damaged Cars

Floods can be deadly for vehicles. Selling cars that have been damaged by floodwater can be an impossible task. But, not when you are dealing with the auto experts at Cash for Car Melbourne. If you have got a car that’s been damaged by a flood that you’re thinking to scrap, hold on!

Before you decide to scrap it, have a look at this better alternative we at Cash for Cars Melbourne provide. We will buy your flood damaged cars in Melbourne for cash, no matter how bad its condition. You will receive top dollars for your flood damaged vehicle that you thought was worth nothing.

Our service is hardly time-consuming, as we understand our clients have busy schedules. We also operate our service on a 24-hour basis so we can cater to all sorts of clients based on their schedule. The best part about our service is that we charge nothing and the removal, initial quote, removal process, and paperwork hassle is all taken care of by us – FREE of cost!

With Cash for Cars you will get

  • Removal of all types of flood damaged vehicles in Melbourne, including cars, 4WDs, trucks, vans, UTEs, boats, and more!
  • We’ll purchase flood-damaged vehicles of all makes, models and years. We buy all top brands, including Jeep, Toyota, Mazda, Suzuki, Hyundai, Mercedes, Audi, BMW, Volkswagen, Lamborghini and more!
  • We buy flood damaged cars of all conditions: if the repair costs are too high, if it is un-repairable and damaged beyond repair.

How to get your Flood Damaged Car Removed?

The process for removal of flood damaged cars in Melbourne is simple. Just follow these four easy steps and you’ll be rid of your flood damaged vehicle and counting your cash in no time!

  1.    Call to get a Free quote: First thing you need to do is contact us at 00000 or on our website using our “Get a quote” feature to get a free quote. We’ll ask you a few questions about the details of your flood damaged vehicle, including its make, model, year and condition before giving the quote.
  2.   Accept our offer: After we give you the quote, you’ll be given the time you need to decide whether to accept or reject our offer. If you accept, we’ll coordinate a time and place for pickup based on your convenience. We offer a 24-hour pickup service and will be there wherever you ask us to be.
  3.   Pickup and removal: At the pickup, we’ll first conduct a quick inspection of your car before our skilled team loads it into one of our well-equipped tow trucks. You’ll be asked to sign some paperwork that we bring such as the title of ownership.
  4.   Count your cash: We’ll leave with your flood damaged vehicle and you will have cash in your hand to count!

Why choose Cash for Cars Melbourne?

Cash for Cars Melbourne is a trusted and licensed business operating in the auto buying and removing industry for many years. We are known across Melbourne for all our top quality services and our customer friendly experience. We offer a flood damaged car removal service that operates across Melbourne and all its suburbs so we guarantee we’ll reach you wherever you may be!

Our service is fast and effective and we carry out all the paperwork for you giving our clients a hassle free removal service! Cash for Cars Melbourne offers top dollar for all flood damaged vehicles no matter what their condition. Choose an eco-friendly Auto Wrecker and recycle all your flood damaged and scrap vehicle in an environmentally friendly way.

Contact us today at 0452 551 566!

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