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Got an old car not worth much anymore that you’re looking to sell? Have a Scrap Car that is of no use to you that you’d like to get rid of? If yes then fear not, because you’ve come to the right place!

At Cash for Cars Melbourne, we buy all cars no matter what their condition or age: Old, Scrap, Used, New or Wrecked by an accident. We are Melbourne’s leading Car Dismantlers and will recycle your scrap and old cars in a totally eco-friendly way.

We dismantle all types of vehicles, including Cars, Trucks, SUVs, 4WDs, Utes, Boats, and more. We accept scrap vehicles of all brands, including but definitely not restricted to Ford, Honda, Toyota, Suzuki, Mercedes Benz, etc. Each of these scrap vehicles is highly valued by us. We pay cash on the spot for all cars and offer free pickup and quote service. Cash for Cars Melbourne auto dismantlers pay top dollar for all scrap vehicles that you think of as junk because your trash is our treasure!

Car Dismantling in Melbourne

The scrap and old cars we buy from you are first checked for any signs showing that they are drivable on the road and can be refurbished. Those that cannot be further used on the road are taken to our large scrap yard located in Melbourne, where we have a skilled team of auto dismantlers present to carry out the recycling process. We value all scrap cars because they produce precious Recyclable and Reusable material.

At the scrap yard, our team dismantles the car until just the bare body is left. During this process they remove any reusable parts, such as the battery and wheels and then put aside any recyclable parts, such as catalytic converter. The shell that is left behind is then crushed to convert it into a frame, which is not wasted either because it is turned into scrap metal that is further used for various purposes.

How to Sell your Car to Us?

To set up for a Free Car Removal all you need to do is give us a call at 0452 551 566 . We will give you a free quote for the removal of your scrap vehicle. Our team member will ask you a few questions related to the details of your vehicle, including its brand, model, age and condition before providing you a free quote. Once you accept the quote, just coordinate a time and place for pickup and we’ll be there.

At the pickup, we’ll do a quick inspection o0f your vehicle and weigh it for its worth, provide you with some paperwork to sign and that’s just about it! We’ll give you your cash on the spot and take your vehicle to our scrap yards for the dismantling process.

Why Choose Us?

At Cash for Cars Melbourne we care about all our clients and are always working towards making our process simpler for them. We come to you for the pickup of your scrap vehicle and our process is fast and effective with our skilled team carrying it out with the help of our reliable and high-end equipment.

Cash for Cars Melbourne professionals at the pickup location and our auto dismantlers at the scrap yard are all skilled in their craft and are polite and respectful to our clients. We offer top dollar for all scrap vehicles that you believe to be your junk but are our treasure. Our removal service is available to areas across Melbourne.

Avail our 24-hour service at any time in Melbourne. Call us today at 0452 551 566

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