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Whatever kind of car, whether its scrap, damaged or old, all car owners know that getting a Car Wrecked can be inconvenient. All the fuel and oils of the car have to be drained. You also have to flatten the tyres before you can tow it to your nearest junkyard. All of this can be a time and money consuming process, not to forget the effort and energy you need to put in.

But vehicle owners in Melbourne don’t have to worry about anything. We Buy Car For Cash Melbourne is one of the top Car Wreckers in Melbourne, offering Free Car Removals. If there is a Scrap Car you need to get wrecked, why not do it the easy way and call us at 0452 551 566?

Get Paid to Wreck Your Car

You read that right! With We Buy Car For Cash Melbourne, you get paid for your scrap car. Depending on the condition of your car, we will offer you a fair amount for it. While you let us handle the chore of wrecking your car, you also get to make some quick cash.

Cash for Cars Melbourne offers you one of the highest rates for your scrap cars in Melbourne. We can pay you in any method you prefer, whether that’s cash in hand, bank transfer or through cheque. Instant payouts, Free Removals – what else can one dream of!

Why Choose Us ?

At Cash for Cars Melbourne, our Auto-Wrecking yards are equipped with the finest wrecking and dismantling equipment. When we are done pulling reusable parts from your vehicle, we wreck the frame and put the maximum amount of metal into recycling. This way we maximize the worth of your car when wrecking it, allowing us to give you maximum payout for it. Car Wrecking is done the right way at Cash for Cars Melbourne. We are fully licensed Car Buyers and Wreckers in Melbourne, following strict industry standards.

Eco-Friendly Wrecking

Letting us be your Car Wreckers means you dispose your car in an eco-friendly and responsible way, as opposed to leaving it in a landfill where it will harm the environment. As a citizen of Melbourne, you are obviously concerned about the environment you live and breathe in. When it comes to Car Wrecking, we make sure that we recycle, reuse and resell most of it.

Whatever is left is disposed off in government appointed landfills. Wrecking your Car with us means that you can have peace of mind about the fact that you are not harming the environment.

Make the right choice when choosing your Car Wreckers. Cash for Cars Melbourne is your go-to place if you want a fast, reliable and trustworthy Car Wrecker. We operate in all of Melbourne and our staff will come to your doorstep for towing your car away.

Contact Us

Our Car Wrecking services are available day and night. Call us at 0452 551 566 for more details.

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