6 Tips When Selling Scrap Cars in Melbourne

You may think that your old scrap car has no value but think again. We Buy Cars for Cash provides the following tips when selling your scrap car.

1. Ownership

A carefree way to sell the car is to sell it to a Car Removal Company. Selling to a removal company means not paying for it to have it towed to the yard, and to receive a fair cash value. However, you will need to establish ownership so that you will need the title to property or scrap certificate for the car.

2. Value

Having an idea of the price i.e. damage to the car will help you determine the value. Assess the damages and to determine its Blue Book value. You will need plenty of information about the sedan, Ute, economy, luxury, sports, 4×4, etc., including the type of damage and the cost of repairing the damage. Having an understanding of its value will mean knowing whether you are receiving a fair price or not.

3. Prices

With removal providers plentiful, there is no reason only to obtain one estimate. Access plenty of sites to get quotes. Then, shop and compare providers to find the best, as well as make the most informed decision.

4. Services

Scrap Cars typically don’t run, so you will need a company that will come to you. You will need to research companies that provide free pickups in your local area. Therefore, it is necessary to research local providers that offer this service.

5. The Laws

Sell to a company that buys damaged cars, or you may find yourself in hot water. Laws do apply in most areas, so be sure that the company you sell to is one that buys the cars “As Is.” Providers like We Buy Cars for Cash is a licenced and insured buyer that is in the business of buying scrap, damaged, and old cars of every make and condition.

6. Legitimacy

Be sure that the provider is one that is legitimate. You can do this by checking their licence, asking for a copy of their insurance, and being sure they have a physical address.

For more information or to sell your scrap sedan, 4×4, Ute, SUV, van, motorcycle, etc. give the pros you can trust a call at the number below. We also provide quotes via our web page.

Call us at 0452 551 566. We’ll make you an offer of top dollars today.

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