What Car Removal Companies Do With Your Old Car?

Generally car removal companies are also car wreckers. You may be wondering what happens to your car once it’s been taken away, and you’re left to enjoy your cash. Car wreckers can take your damaged and unwanted vehicles and make money out of them. Cash for Cars Melbourne makes this process easy. Here’s what car removal companies do with your old car.

Next Stop: The Wrecking Yard

The tow truck will arrive to take away your old car to the wrecking yard. They’ve just paid you cash and want to recover this cost and make a profit as soon as possible. Once it arrives in the yard, the technicians have a look over to see what is going to make the company money.

Step 1: Prepare

The car is prepared for wrecking by removing any chemicals that are in the car. These include; oil, fuel and coolant amongst others. This is to ensure there are no leaking fluids when taking apart the vehicle. It’s also important to de-pressurise the air conditioning system and release the refrigerant.

Step 2: Wreck

Parts that could be used on other cars are removed from the car. These include doors, steering wheels, fuel tanks, gas caps, lights and fittings, bumpers, suspension parts, interior fittings, seats, wheels and radiators. They are sorted for storing in a warehouse with all the other loose parts.

Step 3: Record

Every part is recorded including its location and the make and model of your car. This makes it easier when using for another car. By simply looking it up on the system you can find out if a particular part is available to use on another car.

Step 4: Crush

When all the usable parts have been taken off and correctly stored, the remaining shell is crushed. This process saves space whilst storing scrap metals before they are repurposed.

Step 5: Make Money

Car wreckers can then make money by selling the crushed car shells to scrap metal dealers. The parts can be sold to owners of comparable cars particularly parts that are hard to source. Car wreckers sell parts for a good price as they are second-hand; this makes them popular for buyers.

As car removal companies take away your car and give you money for the privilege they need to recuperate these costs to make their business profitable. The majority of the car is recyclable and the metal is valuable as it can be melted down to make other items. At the wrecking yard the car is taken apart to make use of as many parts of the vehicle as possible. Storing and recording these parts makes it easy to find them when needed for another car. Crushing the remainder makes it easier to store before selling off the scrap metal.

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