Sell My Car or Trade It In? Which Is the Smarter Choice?

You may be on the fence when it comes to selling your car. Should you sell your car or opt for a trade-in with the dealer? Ask your friends and you’re likely to receive contradicting advise. Here’s a quick guide to help you decide which is the better choice for you: selling your car or trading it in?

Sell or Trade-In: Which Is the Best Choice?

When selling a car, there are typically costs and time involved. Car buyers are looking for cars that are reliable, offered at a reasonable price. While you may need to make some repairs to the car, you will receive a better price for the car than if you were to trade the car in with the dealer. If you are considering the price you get for your car, then selling the car is by far the better option, as you can fetch a higher price. Dealers are not known for giving much trade-in value on used cars.

You also need to consider the time. If you have the funds to sell the car, do you have the time? Some cars sell quickly, but typically it takes a couple of weeks to get a car sold. That is a couple of weeks of answering calls and meeting with potential buyers. Trading in your car is the faster option, but the price you get for your car might leave you feeling unsatisfied and robbed.

Selling Your Car to A Car Removal Company in Melbourne

There is also a third option to consider – selling your car to a cash for car buyer like We Buy Car for Cash Melbourne. It is an option that works for many car sellers. With a cash buyer like We Buy Car for Cash that not only buys damaged cars but also buys used, old and unwanted cars, it isn’t difficult to get your car sold for a reasonable price. We are a car buyer that pays cash for cars of every make and condition. So, if you have a damaged car, perhaps one with a faulty engine or a dented body, sell it to us and walk away with cash. After all, damaged and old cars are not in high demand either with private buyers or with dealers.

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