Eco Friendly Car Recycling from Melbourne’s Leading Cash for Car Dealer

Given the fragile nature of the environment, the best thing you can do with your car is to dispose of it in a way that earns you money as well as that is eco-friendly. 

We Buy Car For Cash is a company that will buy your old car giving you cash for it. Besides this, we will also recycle your old car before disposing of it thoughtfully.

There is no point throwing away cars with parts in them that still work 

So, at We Buy Car For Cash we take your old car apart – salvaging those parts that still work. 

We fix the parts that can be fixed, clean and degrease those parts that cannot be fixed and only then do we dispose off your vehicle off using methods that are best practice in the industry. 

Paint is toxic by nature 

Paint is toxic because of what it contains – lead and other hazardous chemicals that destroy the fragile balance within which we coexist with Nature. 

So at We Buy Car For Cash, what we do is use special processes we’ve developed in-house over the years to strip cars we buy of their paint before we recycle them – securely, securely – at metal recycling plants. 

The winner is you 

What eco-friendly disposal of cars means for you is cleaner water and air  – not to mention conscience. 

Plus, we give you a small sum of money as an added bonus when you sell your car to us. 

Depending on the condition your car is in, the money may be enough to buy you a new iPhone X or take your wife and kids to a nice new restaurant for the evening.

Cash for car dealers are springing up everywhere 

And with good reason. They provide much-needed services to local councils and communities. 

A number of times, unscrupulous elements abandon cars in suburbs after removing their number plates. Cash for car dealers also doubles up as car removal services. 

So local councils hire them to remove these cars – getting rid of the ones that are not claimed using eco-friendly car recycling methods. 

Certificate of Destruction

A certificate of Destruction is your evidence that the car you have given your cash for car dealer has been well and truly destroyed. 

Common in the UK, if you want proof that your dealer has destroyed your car, ask them for the COD or Certificate of Destruction.  

This will guarantee your car will not be used by someone else without your permission. 

Why is COD important?

A person could commit a crime using your car as a method to do so. Cash for car companies avoid this in two ways:

  1. By giving you a certificate of destruction or 
  2. Transferring your car into their name as they take it of you 

Either way, you can rest assured, they will now be responsible for your vehicle – not you.

We Buy Car For Cash is Melbourne’s Leading Cash for Car Dealer 

If you would like a price for your vehicle you are unlikely to fetch from a second-hand car yard or a private sale, please call our staff now for a quote on 0467 033 005.

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